Sunday, August 21, 2011



When you are laughed at because of your music dream
They don't know the true song inside your heart

When you are mocked because you are saving sex for marriage
They've never met your AMAZING to die for and worth waiting for Christian guy friends

When someone who you thought was a dear friend betrays you unexpectedly
You realize the full extent of all the pain and heartache they were going through and you learn to Love like Jesus.

When you are considered the outcast because of your crazy idea to change the world
Remember that Jesus will graciously embrace every beautiful idea that you carry to His cross

When you are unkindly critiqued about the picture you just painted
They have forgotten to look at the colorful sunrises of life and see the Creator who inspired you

Originality...not afraid of being who Christ created you to be regardless of what everyone else around you this seemingly faceless conforming world...

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