Thursday, February 5, 2015

My World

Artistic inspiration is
his sea glass blue eyes
her dark wine red lipstick
peacock patterned leggings
the abstract mess of pictures on the desk
a prayer room created from the heart

Artistic inspiration is
the colors of  a Lithuanian sunset
the young Czech man playing a sad and haunting melody on his guitar
the laughter of a  Croatian woman
a young Polish man’s long black dreadlocks
singing worship songs in Serbian
the taste of Italian tomatoes

Artistic inspiration is
the rushing clear mountain rivers of Bosnia
hiding in a bush at 1am  in Kosovo
talking to three pastors in Montenegro
breathing in the air of putrid fish in Iceland
a sunny abandoned Macedonian road

Artistic inspiration is
the endless late night conversations of dear friends
her echoing laughter
the relentless fire in her eyes

once lived memories of the travelers heart  

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