Sunday, November 3, 2013

"No God"

She sat there by the cold kitchen table
Shivers running up her spine, her entire body,
the sad solemn expression that portrayed many years of sorrows and life experiences,
He painfully avoided eye contact with her,
With a tear in his eye,
She looked into his young Baltic brown eyed face,
As he lifelessy said,
And she let the words echo like a prayer
over the neighbor's house,
the city,
the entire country,
endlessly into eternity,
She stared deeply into his eyes for the longest time,
She pursed her wine red lips,
As if she could see through the soul of who he was,
and for the first time,
She could feel his pain,
His sorrow,
His sadness,
His depression,
His secrets that no one knows,
The first time in His life his heart was broken by this fallen world,
His tears,
His questions without answers,
Why he never smiled,
but when he did,
it simply made her heart melt with joy,
and OH how much she wished that he KNEW what she knew.

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