Friday, September 6, 2013

His Heart

I was walking the streets of my greatest passion in life,
I looked into his dreamy Baltic brown eyes,
I smiled at her echoing laughter,
and I just cried.
I cried as I walked to class.
I cried when I walked to the store.
I cried as I met every beautiful soul.
I cried as I sang my first song on Lietuva soil.
I couldn't help but cry at God's miracle of the impossible.
To stand on Lithuanian soil was the greatest challenge of my life.
I don't think you realize what it took to get here.
Every hell,
Every heaven,
Every painful tear,
Every scar,
Every depression,
Every joy,
Every smile,
Every laugh,
Every dance,
Every song written,
Every prayer prayed,
All the times I wanted to give up on moving to Lietuva,
I look back,
and I thank God that I didn't.
It was SO worth to meet you.
My dear God,
words can't even begin to describe the excitement in my heart.
and my mind endlessly wanders as my soul whispers to itself...
So this it what it took to get to God's heart.....
So THIS it what it takes to get to God's heart.....
 God's heart...
God heart.....
Oh his beautiful heart.....

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