Saturday, May 19, 2012

Burning Tears

I'll never forget the evening walking back from Bitola
I walked into the darkest street I've ever been to in Europe,
It hit me like an Auzstwitz Hell I've never felt before,
Europe is dark,
everyday I pass by people who are dead inside, empty, hollow,
in search of a hope that would bring a smile to their face,
My heart started to die as I walked,
Everything within me wanted to collapse onto the cold, wet and lonely street,
and just cry for my dear brothers and sisters in Europe,
who have a mis perception of Jesus
or simply don't know who Jesus is,
My heart walks around heavy,
deeper than the deepest abyss of the deepest ocean,
the cloudy, cold, rainy and wet streets,
standing there with my brown flats and black socks chillingly soaked all the way through seemed too coincidental,
The weather reflected Europe's spiritual heart,
The buildings and architecture leave me speechless at the exterior beauty and the art of how stylish every is brings a smile to my face,
but the interior,
my dear brothers and sisters are dying.....................
I can not stop these painful burning tears from falling..........

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