Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Priceless 10 second Flashback

Today in church,  I thought this beautiful day would NEVER come... January 2nd, 2011 was the day the beautiful passionate dream Jesus placed on my heart at the young age of 8 finally came true and started. I  sang on the praise and worship band for the very first time in front of my entire church congregation. The moment never felt so right as it did in that very hour. The "empty hole" I had felt growing up all my life was filled...I realized one of the many reasons why Jesus had created worship my heavenly Father through my passion for Christian music.It was where I was always meant to be. Before Adam ever thought of taking a bite of the apple from the tree... As I sang there on stage I got to a point where the world and it's people in it dissolved around me as I closed my eyes and I had the most glorious ten second flashback of all my experiences with Christian music that had inspired me to get to where I was today at this very moment...I can recall at the age of 8 discovering my love for singing and Christian music...the day my Dad gave me my first my Plus One CD. They were the first Christian rock band I ever listened too. I couldn't believe the deep heart inspiring lyrics I was hearing at such a young age. I wondered, how could someone sing such lovely words to Jesus? I would not have had such a blessed opportunity to sing today if it weren't for every Christian musician that God let me cross paths with...Those hot blazing summer days for the past 6 years chugging a minimum of 10 bottles of water per day at Sonshine Festival in Willmar, Minnesota....getting the chance to shake hands and look straight into the eyes of the musicians who had inspired my heart.....that 12 year old girl standing in the middle of the David Crowder Band non existent mosh pit walking the dry dusty streets of Lifelight Festival for another past 6 years....and particularly this year meeting every possible band I could...and discovering a Russian band called Everfound that just absolutely blew me away with their passion for Jesus and all the smiles and handshakes of new friends that I met this past summer 2010......I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for you.....Thank you all for inspiring me in this amazing journey called life.......To be continued......

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